The Avalon Series, by Bradley & Paxson

Hey everybody! I’m so excited about The Mists of Avalon that I made some research about the story and the author and discovered some very interesting stuff. So, I’m here to share this with you guys!

Ok, The Mists of Avalon was so successfully received when it was first published – 1979 – that Marion Zimmer Bradley started to write a whole series on the subject of the Holy Isle that, because of oppression was fading from this world and getting into the mists of the fairy people.

The Series were published in an order that is not considered the right chronological one, so I’m going to post both the publication and chronological order here and tell you a little bit of what I discovered about each story.


1# The Mists of Avalon (1979)

It was the first. As I already wrote in some previous posts, it passes around XII century,  recounting the epic tale of Arthur and his family all around Britain. It’s a retelling (It’s so different from the others Athurian books I’ve read that I’m not sure I can call it a retelling) of Arthur’s so known tale.


Title: The Mists of Avalon

Author: Bradley, Marion Zimmer

Pages: Paperback Edition, 1008 pages

ISBN-10: 0140177191

2# The Fall of Atlantis (1987)

As I read, some people don’t consider this book as a part of the Avalon series, but of a Trilogy called The Atlantis Trilogy. But, in some sites, I saw the book included in the Avalon Series, so I decided to put it here too. In this story, there are two kinds of magical people. The White Robe ones, that study and master the natural forces and the power it can give them. On the other side, there are the Black Robes, sorceress that secretly devote themselves to dark magic, in a labyrinth of caves beneath the ground. In the middle of this, there are two sisters, lost in the wizard of this kingdom. Wizard, that can bring the fall of  the Atlantis itself.


Title: The Fall of Atlantis

Author: Bradley, Marion Zimmer

Pages: Paperback Edition, 512 pages

ISBN-10: 0671656155

3# The Forest House (1993)

This one is considered a prequel to The Mists of Avalon. It goes around the first century of Christian Era, when the Romans were starting to conquer Britain. The Isle of Avalon itself didin’t exist on that time, but the people who lived on the place, the druids, were founding a land that would in later days be the foundantion of the island. It’s a story of love between a priestess and a roman soldier. Around this time, Diana Paxson started co-wiritng the Avalon series with Marion, and after her death in 1999 (her health was already declining, but she suffered a heart attack three days before her passing away) Paxson continued wiritng the series by herself. As I’m still reading The Mists of Avalon, and didn’t know about the other books in the series yet, I don’t know a lot to tell you about, and don’t want to, so I don’t spoil the story for me or for you 😀


Title: The Forest House

Author: Bradley, Marion Zimmer & Paxson, Diana

Pages: Paperback Edition, 462 pages

ISBN-10: 0451461533

4# Lady of Avalon (1997)

This one is like a reunion of short stories, which tell different periods of Avalon’s history and the women who lived and ruled there as High Priestess. An interesting one, is the story of Caillean, the first High Priestes who helped founding the Isle itself. Other story features Viviane, the Lady of the Lake, which lived during the times of Arthur and is one of the protagonists of The Mists of Avalon. Again, Diana Parxson helped writing but was unaccredited as of the publication.


Title: Lady of Avalon

Author: Bradley, Marion Zimmer & Parxson, Diana

Pages: Paperback Edition, 480 pages

ISBN-10: 0451461819

5# Priestess of Avalon (2000)

Featuring great characters of Roman’s Empire, the Priestess of Avalon is considered one of the Best books of the series. It tells about the trip of Helena of Constantinople to the Isle of Avalon where she had a romance with Constantius, a roman officer and gave birth to Constantine, man who was in later days declared Emperor and had much to do with the creating of the official Catholic Church. This book was initiated by Bradley but finished by Parxson, due to Marion’s death in September 25, 1999.


Title: Priestess of Avalon

Author: Marion Zimmer, Bradley & Parxson, Diana

Pages: Paperback Edition, 412 pages

ISBN-10: 0451458621

6# Ancestors of Avalon (2004)

Chronologically, this is considered the first book in the whole series. The book follows the fugue of a group of refugees from the Island of Atlantis (this is very interesting, and that’s why some people relate the Avalon Series as a sequel of the Atlantis Trilogy). They are the ones who found the land that gave birth later to Avalon and Glastonbury, the Isle of the Priests. This book was the first one to be wrote by Paxson alone, and from now on, she was the one who continued writing the series.


Title: Ancestors of Avalon

Author: Parxson, Diana

Pages: Paperback Edition, 363 pages

ISBN-10: 0451460286

7# Ravens of Avalon (2007)

A mother wanting revenge for the rape of his daughter. Ravens of Avalon take place before the Forest House and tells the story of a Celtic queen which call upon the powers of the Goddess to have her children back.


Title: Ravens of Avalon

Author: Parxson, Diana

Pages: Paperback Edition, 416 pages

ISBN-10: 0451462114

8# Sword of Avalon (2009)

Set in the Bronze Age, Sword of Avalon (2009) focuses on the rightful heir to the throne of Britain being sold into slavery while the cruel sorcerer Galid usurps control of the land. Avalon’s Lady, Anderle, is left to keep the evil magician at bay. The novel also reveals the origins of the legendary sword destined to be wielded in a later era by King Arthur as Excalibur. This one is the last book published. I read that the series is not yet finished, but didin’t find any information about further books.

Title: Sword of Avalon

Author: Parxson, Diana

Pages: Hardcover Edition, 448 pages

ISBN-10: 0451462920


1# The Fall of Atlantis

2# Ancestors of Avalon

3# Sword of Avalon

4# Ravens of Avalon

5# The Forest House

6# Lady of Avalon

7# Priestess of Avalon (Starts some time before Part 2 of Lady of Avalon)

8# The Mists of Avalon

.:. .:.

Well, I hope you all liked the article. It took me a long time to research some things and a lot of what I posted can be found here in Wikipedia ( where you can find some other information. I looked everywhere over the internet but didn’t find the original site of Diana Paxson, so, if you have it, please contact me, so I can update the post! 😛

Buy the series here.

Thanks for reading!

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7 respostas para The Avalon Series, by Bradley & Paxson

  1. johnatan disse:

    nossa. não sabia que a série Avalon era tão extensa. e até hoje a Marion escreve sobre ela. eu já tive contato com uma outra série dela, a Darkover, mas não gostei muito não. nem cheguei a ler o primeiro livro inteiro, larguei ele na metade. outro dela que eu li, não relacionado com Avalon é O incendio de Tróia. esse é muito bom mesmo (apesas de ter seus pontos negativos sim), mas li antes até do qe As Brumas.

  2. Dana Sechi disse:

    BTW great article :D..
    you will see the site is also interesting…with picture sof some places in the books and a reincarnation map of the characters


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