“A Dance With Dragons” Is Complete!

For those who still have any doubts, Bantam Books posted a video, where Anne Groell, GRRM’s Editor, shows off the finished manuscript of the book, reads a few excerpts from random segments of the book and even gives a teaser for the ending. Now, do you believe? I do. Can’t wait to have the book in my hands. July is coming.

.:.See ya.:.

Sobre Cassy Teodoro

Constant Reader. SJW. Green Ajah.
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2 respostas para “A Dance With Dragons” Is Complete!

  1. Redhead disse:

    damn that is a fat manuscript!

    • Cassy disse:

      Yeah. It’s really impressive. A King Kong manuscript, indeed. July is coming, my friend. Welcome and thanks for the comment. See ya.

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